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Hello dear Customers , 


I would like to announce that I have become a Younique Consultant.

We have the most amazing products from our fantastic 3D Mascara to our Touch Foundation which gives great coverage.

I will be holding a web party soon on FB, And will also set up a fb page just for Younique.

I will keep you updated on the Web Party. 


If you are interested in ordering our amazing products before my web party just head on over to my site


Younique is a very special company they help woman all over the world who have been sexually abused.

So not only are you receiving a great quality product you will also be making a big contribution in helping our sisters in need.


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Interested in selling Younique then contact us below 

 send email to


Shipping times range from 7 to 10 business days and may be longer depending on size of order.

WAX FAKE FOODS, Wax Candle Embeds, Candles , Wax Melts

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