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Our 5 Whole Wax Pie Crust is perfect for all of our Fruit Wax Embeds. Here we used our Strawberry Halves Wax Embed topped with our new Pinwheel Wax Whip Cream Dollops. Looking for something different, add our peach or apple wax embeds topped with a few green leaves to make a beautiful holiday pie. You cant go wrong!

5" Whole Pie Crust   SCENTED

KIT- 5 inch Fluted Whole Pie Crust ( -set of 1- with tin and wicks scented ) $2.75
KIT-5 inch Fluted Whole Pie Crust ( set of 12 scented )with tins and wicks $27.00
KIT-5 inch Fluted Whole Pie Crust ( 5 Dozen scented )with tins and wicks $99.00
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