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No they aren’t real! Our olive gel wax embeds are great for gel candle drinks, relish trays, or just for fun. Olive gel wax embeds come in black or green - sizes are small and jumbo.

Each order of  small and jumbo olives come in various sizes

Here's what one of our customers used our wax olives for!   

Thanks to  Nicole Priore for providing us with her picture of our wax olives.  She used the olives for a visual presentation class project.  

She wrote this to us:   It's for a Visual Presentation class.  We were to pick a country and pick a product to promote that is known in that area.  I had chosen the town Crete in Greece and am promoting Greek olive oil. 

Black Olives small (pkg of 15) unscented $6.00
Green Olives small (pkg of 15) unscented $6.00
Olives Green Jumbo (pkg of 10) unscented $8.00


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Shipping times range from 7 to 10 business days and may be longer depending on size of order.

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