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We use only the highest quality Gel Wax

Penreco MP

MADE IN THE USA - A thicker gel that will hold more fragrance and will suspend heavier embedded objects. Great for gel candles that will be shipped or burned in warmer climates.

Type: Gel
Meltpoint: 200 degrees
Primary Use: Containers only
Packaging: Loose gel material
Scent Recommendation: Use up to 3/4 oz. fragrance per pound.
Wick Suggestion: German LX, Wedo RRD or zinc
Recommended Pouring Temperature: 215-220 for maximum translucency
200 degrees over wax embeds



candle gel is the Penreco Versagel™ - C brand. It is a premixed gel that is easy to use and all you need to do is heat it, add color and scent and pour! Gel doesn't shrink so there is no need to re-pour! Gel burns twice as long as wax and you can suspend decorative objects, wax chunks, marbles etc. You can add liquid dye to color the gel and fragrance oils for scent.

What is gel? Candle gel is manufactured from specially processed mineral oils and gelled with co-polymers. It has a clear rubbery texture and gel burns twice as long as paraffin

Are Gel Candles Safe? Yes! It is a candle with a flame so small children, animals should be kept away from any burning candle. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Are gel candles easy to make? Yes, basically all you need to do is melt the gel, add color and scent and pour into your container. Gel doesn't shrink so re-pours are not necessary.

Do I need any special equipment? No, the gel can be melted in a regular melting pot over direct heat or in a crock pot with a temp. gauge. Liquid dyes are best for gel, color blocks are waxed based and will cloud the gel and food color is water based and will not mix with gel.

How do I get bubbles in gel? Bubbles are one of the great unique properties of gel. You will get more bubbles by pouring at temperatures of 210 degrees or lower and fewer bubbles by pouring at temperatures above 230 degrees. Any other embeds in your candles may create bubbles around the gel also. Using sand in the bottom of your candles may create a lot of little bubbles. Any time gel is stirred or moved from container to container, it tends to trap bubbles also.






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